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Friday, March 31, 2023

Last week was certainly humbling. San Diego exposed our weaknesses in a variety of areas and showed us just how far we have to go. We need to, and will, learn from it as we try to put our best foot forward this week and throughout the last four games.

This week was an exciting one in the office. As I have written before, PCLC also operates a WNBA franchise the Dallas Wings. This week we have been one of a number of entities promoting the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four. Obviously, my primary focus is on the PCLC game and getting two points, but it has been cool getting to meet and observe major figures in women’s hoops. Their success is inspiring, as is the ever-continuing rise of women’s college lacrosse. I am glad these events are getting the shine they deserve.

Okay… this blog is going to be a little sappy. Bear with me.

Those who know me know that my siblings and I are pretty tight. My older brother, Brennan trailblazed most of my lacrosse career. He played at my high school before me and helped establish the program. He played at Cornell before I did, and represented provincial and national programs while I cheered from the stands. More importantly, he left a legacy everywhere he played of being an outstanding teammate, a memorable leader, and someone who contributed positively in all aspects.

Four years ago, he made the decision to leave North America and attend medical school in Dublin, Ireland. We have remained as tight as ever, but the big drawback was that he couldn’t attend many games. Last year, we were lucky enough that he got home to catch one regular season game at Maryland, and then was there for the Final Four. But thus far, he hasn’t been able to watch me play any professional games in person.

That changes this week as he is making it home to Canada, and then down to DFW for the game. I can’t help but think this week about the hours we spent in devotion to this great game. We never got to play together due to the age difference, but some of my fondest memories together were driving around Ontario during the summer in our gold Nissan van, watching Junior A games. Playing with and against many of those guys now in the pros is a thrill, and to have Brenny in the stands will be as well.

One thing I won’t say is, “Who could’ve imagined this?” Because we did. On all those drives home, or times we were in the barns eating pizza an hour before the game, we talked about it. We dreamed about it, and we learned from the games.

Playing in front of family and friends is something that never gets old. When you’re four years old, there is nothing better than looking up and seeing a supportive parent, sibling, grandparent or other relative in the stands. When you’re 25… there really still isn’t too much better. In fact, it is even sweeter with the realization that everyone’s time playing the game is finite, and there are so many more factors that come into play.

So this weekend is a huge one for a whole bunch of reasons. We have major playoff implications on the line and we are trying to get our game back on track. There are a bunch of things we need to improve on, but one solution that helps them all: play harder.

But beyond that, it will be a great opportunity to celebrate the people and memories that have gotten me this far, and those who continue to help me along in my lacrosse career. The best way to celebrate those people? Play harder.

It’s going to be a great evening, and I can’t wait to get going. I hope you will join us there.




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