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Mission: Grow The Game

Panther City Lacrosse is committed to growing the game of box lacrosse in North Texas by connecting the world’s best lacrosse coaches and players to our community.

We will bring lacrosse school programs, coaching resources, camps, clinics, and more to DFW. Our mission is to connect our community with positive experiences – regardless of skill level – creating an inclusive environment for all.


Vision: Box Lax is for Everyone

Whether your athlete is new to lacrosse or experienced, our programming will elevate all abilities and confidence. Putting a lacrosse stick in the hands of DFW youth will provide positive experiences and pathways that will stick with your child for life.

Lacrosse is a space for everyone to become a champion of the game, while learning valuable life lessons along the way.

Do you want to be a champion on & off the field? Stick with us. 

Why Box Lacrosse?

  • Athletes will leave with an elevated technical ability and lacrosse IQ that only a box lacrosse setting can provide.
  • The box game provides athletes the opportunity to get more reps in a smaller and fast paced environment. The speed of the game and confined space challenges athletes to become more structurally sound in their fundamental lacrosse skills.


Summer Camp

Join our pack for 3-days worth of fun! Panther City players and coaches will put the campers through drills that will leave athletes with the tools needed to keep their passion for the sport!

  • July 17-19
  • Open to CO-ED 1st-8th grade, Skill Level: Beginner to Moderate


Panther City Juniors

Panther City Junior players get the opportunity to play on an international stage and learn from professionally trained, world class athletes, and coaches!

The 2023 Panther City Juniors teams have been announced!

Skills & Drills


Programs & Stay Tuned


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