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The Panther City Lacrosse Club 2023-24 Roster is Presented By:       

Jason Knox
116'4"205FPlayer Info
Ryan Sheridan
926'4"205FPlayer Info
Callum Crawford
986'3"205FPlayer Info
Tyler Burton
76'0"215TPlayer Info
Brandon Goodwin
916'3"212TPlayer Info
Tony Malcom
26'1"210TPlayer Info
Phil Caputo
196'3"200FPlayer Info
Connor Sellars
136'3"215DPlayer Info
Matt Hossack
946'0"192DPlayer Info
Evan Messenger
276'2"200FPlayer Info
Brooker Muir
525'11"210DPlayer Info
Liam Patten
126'1"195DPlayer Info
Nick Damude
395'11"210GPlayer Info
Will Malcom
45'11"180FPlayer Info
Liam Osborne
05'7"175FPlayer Info
Patrick Foley
86'1"185DPlayer Info
Josh Medeiros
266'0"195DPlayer Info
Ty Thompson
616'6"210FPlayer Info
Dylan Hutchison
556'1"190DPlayer Info
Cam MacLeod
346'1"170GPlayer Info
Cole Pickup
146'0"175FPlayer Info
Brent Mitchell
216'2"222DPlayer Info
Will Cecile
06'0"180TPlayer Info
Jonathan Donville
36'0"195FPlayer Info
Mathieu Gautier
176'0"180FPlayer Info
Jackson Brown
646'1"160GPlayer Info
Elijah Gash
816'4"210DPlayer Info
Ronin Pusch
166'0"185DPlayer Info
Caleb Kueber
6'2"192TPlayer Info

Coaching Staff

Tracey Kelusky

Head Coach

Steve Toll

Defensive Coordinator

Kyle Goundrey

Offensive Coordinator

Jordan Cornfield

Director of Player Personnel

Panther City Lacrosse Club