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Last Weekend Was Awesome

Friday, February 17, 2023

Last weekend was awesome!

Our team gutted out a tough victory against a very good Vancouver team on the floor, but more exciting was the crowd in the stands. It was one of the best crowds we have had in Fort Worth, and it provided so much optimism for the team going forward. We absolutely need to defend home floor going forward and I think we can really build some momentum in Dickies over the next few weeks while we have some crucial western conference games in town.

We were led by Callum Crawford’s five piece. He’s one of the all-time greats for a reason, and we needed his goals in a big way. If you are new to lacrosse or looking to learn more, notice the way that Callum scores from the low angles of the goal (near the goal-line). He may be the best in the league at that and it is so impressive to watch.

For those who may not be aware, the Panther City Lacrosse Club is not the only sports property that our front-office manages. We also own the Dallas Wings of the WNBA, and everyone on our staff (myself included) works for both organizations.

On Monday, the Wings hosted an event for season ticket members and prospective season ticket members. It was my first time in the College Park Center, the Wings home arena, and the event included a question-and-answer session with Wings players Arike Ogunbowale, Veronica Burton, and newly acquired Natasha Howard. They are super talented athletes, and they are a lot like professional lacrosse players in the way that they love the game, and just want to play ball.

Sidenote, one of the best things about basketball is that nearly everyone has played or currently plays. Besides maybe golf, it might be the only sport where you can ask someone “How’s your game?” and evoke an immediate response.

For the record, when my boss asked me this question at the event, I responded that I had some game (a fair exaggeration). Back in the day, my mom was known across London, Ontario for having a sweet jump shot and my grandfather was a high school coach. I learned the basics of shooting from her, but unfortunately neither she nor I were ever able to figure out the dribbling piece. I probably let down the family name, but I can blend into a pickup game if needed.

On that note, if you are ever looking for a funny experience that may make you want to put your head through a wall, watch a bunch of lacrosse players play pick up hoops. Nobody can shoot, so every defender is hanging around the key. But at the same time, nobody has any fear of attacking the hoop, so it is just a mess of bodies trying to attack the rim and finish with the same hand repeatedly. There is always just enough pick and roll savvy and game awareness to move the game along, but not nearly enough skill to make it look pretty. For guys who have had to wear lots of padding their whole careers, the chance to play shirts vs skins is never passed up.

It usually ends in a fight, chirping match and hard feelings. And everyone would agree that it was fun.

The Wings event was on Monday and Tuesday brought Valentine’s Day. Not to get too sappy here, but the life of a professional lacrosse player is pretty awesome for the player and pretty… not that awesome for the wives, girlfriends, and family members. The NLL season is a long haul and it takes up most weekends of the year. These time constraints require sacrifices of everyone, especially the athletes, but everyone in our lives must make their own. We appreciate it every day but wanted to make specific mention of the people in our lives that keep things moving.

I was unable to spend the day with my girlfriend, but I did go grocery shopping after work, mostly to stand (shop) in solidarity with the after-work flowers crowd who were desperately trying to save Valentine’s Day. I see you and stand with you. And no, you aren’t going to get the flowers earlier next year. This is a lifetime club. The few… the proud… the grocery store Valentine’s club.

This week, we begin a crucial home-and-home with the Colorado Mammoth. We are also celebrating “Origins of Lacrosse” night, which is a great chance to honor and understand the history of this great game. The NLL recently put out some great resources about the origins of lacrosse and the league’s ongoing efforts to support the Every Child Matters initiative.

Here is Halifax captain Cody Jamieson on the meaning of Every Child Matters and some great explanations of the history of the game and where it originated. And here are some great resources to learn more about Every Child Matters and ways to support the cause.

Promoting this initiative and the origins of the game is a tremendous honor and I can’t wait to get back in Dickies this weekend. I hope to see many of you there.

If you are looking to attend the game, get in touch with our great ticket sales staff here.

More next time.





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