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Thompson Wins NLL Teammate of the Year Award

FORT WORTH, TX – Panther City Lacrosse Club transition player Jeremy Thompson has won the National Lacrosse League Teammate of the Year Award, the league announced today.

Thompson just wrapped his 10th year in the league and is largely considered one of the most prominent leaders and selfless teammates as he routinely would play both sides of the ball, depending on where the team needed him most. In Panther City’s inaugural season, he was named an Assistant Captain. Thompson was usually the last one to leave the floor as he was interacting with fans and was a steady member of team-led community activities.

“I had the good fortune later in my career to be teammates with Jeremy Thompson and the passion he has brought to the game and his support of his teammates is unbelievable,” Panther City Head Coach Tracey Kelusky said. “To now have the privilege of serving as his Head Coach, I have had a front row seat to see the way he handles himself and the way he carries himself around our club and local community. In a league full of incredible men, Jeremy Thompson is the best of the best of us and we are all better for being associated with him. The game means so much to him and he respects the history of the Creator’s game and it’s healing qualities and that positive attitude is infectious in the dressing room.”

Thompson is just the second American-born recipient of the award and the fifth different recipient.

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